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Nutrition of very young children – 4 Months To 1 Year

During the early days or just after the childbirth doctors usually do not allow to give the newborn any types of solid food because at this period of time feeding the child with own milk is very beneficial than all the other alternatives because of the immature digestive system. It is also said that breastfeeding during the early stage also helps the mother recover faster from the childbirth. Where this is the only food your child should be offered when he or she is less than 4 months of age, as there are several benefits related to this habit like this makes the child digestive system stronger, they also have a low rate of diseases etc. However, it is said, during the first year the primary source of nutrients of very young children should be milk,…
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Easy home remedies for Hair Fall – nourish and regenerate hair growth

Hair fall is one of the biggest issues male and females are facing these days. Men are more prone to hair fall due to non complete nutrition, stress and other factors. Women are facing hair fall mostly due to hair styling chemicals, malnutrition and aging. The list of causes does not end here, doctors have found that hairs are affected by many issues like hormonal changes, heredity, prolonged illness and medication of steroids. We researched a lot and consulted some dermatologists online to get the best solutions for our reader. Mrs Anu Agarwal is a dermatologist and consult a dietitian with one of the major non- government health services in India. She expresses that chemicals should be avoided if you are facing serious hair fall issue and can see hairs…
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