Hair Loss Treatment Guide – Cure Hair fall problem naturally

Hair loss is one of the major problem people are facing these days. Unhealthy lifestyle and food are the major causes of hair loss. Hair loss is characterized in many conditions of our scalp condition such as thinning of hair, reduced growing of hair, partial or full baldness, alopecia etc. There are also some of the genetic causes of hair loss. Using drugs, being victim to some disease and food habit and a lot of other causes are related to falling Produits of hair. It’s clinically proven that genetic cause is one of the most common causes of hair fall. So, if your ancestors or family members or close relatives have a long lineage of baldness or thinning of hair, you can also be obsessed of falling hair.  Like any other cells of the body hair cells in our scalp also needs proper nourishment and nutrition. The deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in our diet can be the cause of hair loss and baldness too. High fever for a long period and viral diseases are also contributing factors to the hair loss for patients.  Typhoid is the most prominent disease for the cause of hair loss. The drugs also play an important role in hair fall. Cancer patients when subjected to chemotherapy or radiation are much vulnerable to the hair loss. Even many crucial or life saving drugs in the allopathic medical, cause side effects to cause hair fall.

Cure Hair fall hair loss naturally at home

Stress is also one of the major causes of hair loss. Stress causes subversive effects on the functioning of our organic system.  The hair also needs to rest and rejuvenate like organic cell need. Stress cause restlessness which affects the scalp condition and restrict the growth of hair. The chemicals in cosmetics are also the major cause of hair loss. Before straightening the hairs are artificially treated with gel or hairstyling by means of any non organic material cause hair fall. Most of the shampoo and bathing products in the market are chemically treated which cause adverse effect on our hair and scalp.

Tips to Cure Hair Fall problem at Home Naturally

You can control your hair loss and help to grow them faster and healthier.

  • Massage your scalp every day. Simply use the tips of your fingers to massage your scalp for 5 – 10 minutes and brush your hair cheap NFL jerseys every day. Brushing and massaging increase the circulation of blood in your scalp. The increased blood flow delivers wholesale MLB jerseys the nutrients to your scalp and hence makes the hair healthier and grows faster.
  • Always take a well balanced diet and avoid eating junk food. Healthy food helps in the growth of healthy wholesale nfl jerseys hair. Foods which are rich in protein like wheat, oats, barley, maize and brown rice increase the growth rate of hair.  Beans, chickpeas and green peas are also the greatest source of protein. Drink lots of water, it keeps your skin healthy and hair roots strong. Crash dieting or starving to reduce weight have a harmful effect on hair. An iron and zinc rich food makes the hair strong and prevent hair fall. Vitamins A, B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids  add moisture to your hair making it healthier and lessen split ends, making them thicker and stronger. [ Tip: Foods that can accelerate Hair Growth]
  • While bathing, avoid taking very hot water. The hot water opens up the pores of your scalp which makes your hair follicles weak, leading to hair of fall. While brushing your hair, use a thick hair brush and avoid combing your hair roughly. If you have long hair, then avoid tying your tresses in a bun all the time as this can also lead to hair fall as well and it is also suggested that avoid too much styling your hair. The colors used in hair color contain chemicals which not only increase hair fall but also whitens them.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Choose a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself fit. Always get a sufficient amount of wholesale jerseys sleep as less sleep can also lead to hair fall. Stress is also one main cause of hair fall. Exercising daily will keep the stress away and help Fotoclub to keep you fit and healthy.
  • After bathing do not rub your hair vigorously with a towel. Rubbing your hair vigorously with the towel will cause unwanted hair breakage. Instead use towel gently to soak the water or excess moisture.
  • Instead of opting for an expensive parlor treatment always try to bloemen apply oil to your hair. Hair Oil enhances and retains the natural beauty of hair. Natural oil such as coconut, olive, canola, jojoba, sesame etc. can be used to massage the scalp for countering hair fall and encouraging new hair growth. While massaging, gently massage your scalp with your fingers. Dandruff, dryness and flakiness etc. causes the problems which relate to hair loss. You can use a suitable shampoo and conditioner to remove dandruff and dryness from your hair. Try to use shampoos that are sulfate, silicone and paraben-free to avoid loading the scalp and hair with harsh chemicals that damage hair. These chemicals also make the hair brittle making it more prone to breakage.
  • Try to wash your hair at least every three days with a gentle hair cleanser or shampoo to remove all accumulated dust, dirt, oil and bacteria. Keep your scalp clean all the times to avoid hair fall.
  • Excessive blow drying, coloring or ironing lead to hair loss and thinning of hair. Also avoid from frequent use of chemical treatments for your hair. Hairstyles which include wearing tight ponytails, pigtails or braids on a daily basis and using elastics and rubber bands to pull rhinoplastie back hair tightly can cause hair to fall.

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  1. I think Obesity also causes Hair Loss. I have gained kilos in last year and my hair fall rate increased and now the front hair has gone too low.

    1. Obesity may cause Hair Loss, but there is no clinical proof of that. Try our Hair Loss cure Guide, it will take few months to repair the loss.

  2. never pour hot water on your hair. it will open the pores of your scalp and this leads to lots and lots of hair loss………………

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