Early Signs & Symptoms Of Heart Attack – How To Cure it before

Heart attack or the myocardial stoppage takes the first place of killing both men and women rapidly in the U.S. every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is said that after every 45 seconds a person suffers from a heart attack in the United States. Altogether, 7, 35,000 Americans die just because of heart attacks every year. Out of the total 5, 25, 000 people suffer from heart attack for the first time and the rest 2, 10, 000 people already had a previous attack.

[NOTE: around 15 % of the people who suffer from heart attack are likely to die.]


What is a heart attack?

> A person suffering from a heart attack when the flow of oxygen- rich blood is stopped by an obstacle. This does not mean that the circulation of the blood to the entire heart is discontinued. Even if a section of the heart is poor or in need of blood flow, the muscles placed in that section can no longer elevate blood flow in that region.

Heart attacks basically occur due to congestive heart failure or disease which is also referred to as coronary artery disease featured by obstructed arteries.

Debilitated levels of cholesterol can begin building up as plague that is the fatty deposits in the balls of the arteries from a very young age. Hereafter, other materials like the fibrin, calcium and the cellular waste material enters the blood stream, which also attaches to the artery walls and further it hardens the plague. The continuous building up of the plague causes narrowing and thickening of the arteries, basically noted to blocked and obstructed pathways.

The fibrin that accords to the plaque buildup causes the clotting of blood, another obstructing flowing of blood to the heart thus often resulting in a heart attack.

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According to the CDC about half of the people who are suffering from heart attacks die right outside the hospital or just before they seek any medical facility.

There are some of the possible ways to determinate the signs of heart attack, possibly not hours, but days and through this they can seek for medical help in advance or before it occurs and causes severe damage or can lead to death.

A lot of people who are still young accedes to heart attacks that could be prevented simply because they did not pay any attention to the early signs and warnings because of not knowing it.

But we have got the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack which would be a great help to recognize that whether you are going to get a heart attack.

1: Discomfort and chest pain:


The television and movies have corrupt our attention of what chest pain is affiliated with a heart attack and how a person should feel like.

The pain which takes place in the chest is bearable, as defensive to acute and enervating, and May often expands to the hands, jaws and even to the shoulders.

Some people express it as a soreness in the chest. A feeling of pressure building inside the chest, as well as its contraction and pressure, are also its common symptoms.

  • Stable chest pain:

This type of chest pain is anticipated, which occurs after an exhausting physical activity that burdens closed arteries. The pain disappears after alleviation, rest and taking medications.

  • Unstable chest pain:

This type of chest pain may take place at any time, with or without taking any physical strain, due to obstructed arteries. It does not have an accountable pattern. This generally occurs while relaxing, resting and it usually does not disappear with any kind of medications.

After all chest pain establishes slowly, people unusually connect it with heart disease. Alternatively, they mark these aches to other factors like indigestion, aging, weird sleeping positions and increased exertion.

2: Body pains:


Pains can also be distributed to other areas of the body. Most of the people confederate a heart attack with pain spreading down the left arm. But the pain can also spread in other parts, which includes:

  • Back
  • Teeth or in the jaw
  • Shoulder
  • Upper abdomen
  • Throat

3: Sweating day and night:


Usually sweats more than normal- principally if you are not active or are not involved in some physical exercise for a fit body, which could also be one of the early signs of heart disease. Supply of blood through the obstructed arteries takes more accomplishment from the heart, so the body will leads to sweat too much in order to keep the body temperature down during the extra strain. If you are experiencing cold sweats or a sticky and sweaty skin, then you must get yourself properly checked by the doctor.

Night sweats is also a very common symptom for women suffering heart problems or troubles.

4: Shortness of breath:

Shortness of breath

When the arteries are obstructed, then any amount of activity is forced to put extra strain on the heart. Accordingly, if you find yourself having problem in breathing after doing some physical or heavy workout like moving up and down the staircase, this may be the symptoms of clogged or blocked arteries. This could occur and cause a massive heart attacks in few days.

According to a study published in 2005 by the journal of new medicine, an average of patients who suffer cardiac stress showed that those who suffer breathing problem or is suffering from shortness of breath were at a very high risk of death from cardiac disease than those without it.

In the absence of oxygen-rich blood flow towards the heart due to arterial blockage makes the heart muscles weak. This causes the heart to pump blood weakly, often presuming the fluid from blood back to the lungs.

This hangs up with the normal breathing and in many severe cases it may also lead to a heart attack.

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5: Nausea:


When your arteries gets clogged up because of the plaque augmentation, this makes your heart weak and that causes the heart to pump blood sickly. As the heart is chargeable for pumping the blood through the whole blood, this discourages the blood flow to the digestive tract, compelling the reactions like the cramps of the gastrointestinal and nausea.

The symptom of blocked arteries can take place if you have a history of digestive sensitivity or vomiting especially if you are accompanied by dizziness and cold sweats. This may lead to a heart attack over and over again.

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