Dangerous Foods should avoid all Pregnant women – Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy is a stage that needs a great care and assistance, for the well being of both the mother and the baby. Moms know that there are some foods that are dangerous during pregnancy. So it is necessary to avoid their consumption, they include some health risks which are probably unsafe for you and your baby.

There are certain food items which may prove harmful during this delicate period. They can be a reason for birth defects, infections or miscarriage. Now if you are pregnant, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and it is better that you take advice from your doctor and family members.  Some foods containing mercury or too rich in vitamins and sugar should be avoided.

If you are worried about your diet plan, you can consult your nutritionist or a doctor before making a change in your diet plans. Below are some food items which should be excluded during pregnancy.


Foods that should be excluded from your diet chart

Raw meat


You should avoid from eating raw meat, raw sea foods rich in mercury, and uncooked beef. These can cause diseases like salmonella, toxoplasmosis, and contamination with bacteria. Raw meat can infect you with the bacteria formation, it also contains high amount of vitamin A which can damage your liver and is harmful for your baby.  Restrict from eating Deli meat as these are a cause of listeria, which is a disease caused due to the consumption of this meat. Listeria leads to miscarriage, severe illness during pregnancy, and flu. Pregnant women are more likely to be affected by these diseases, so avoid eating deli and raw meat.

Seafood rich in high mercury

Seafood-high-mercury- avoid-pregnant-woman

Sea foods are rich in mercury, omega3 fatty acids and a rich source of protein. Some sea foods like oysters, shark sword fish, and Broadbill are some fishes rich in mercury. Avoid eating these sea foods as mercury can hamper your child’s brain development and cause harm to its nervous system.

You can eat sea foods which pack a little or do not contain mercury in them. Below are some sea foods you can eat during pregnancy.

  • Salmon
  • Catfish
  • Trout
  • Summer flounder
  • Wild pacific salmon
  • Crabs
  • Croakers

Raw or half cooked eggs


Are you addicted to eating raw or partially cooked eggs as your breakfast or as a morning smoothie? You will have to change this habit if you are pregnant as raw eggs pose severe health risks to a pregnant woman.  They can cause salmonella infection, which can be unhealthy for the baby. It is a cause of diseases like diarrhoea and vomiting.

If you are fond of eating eggs and can’t resist without eating them, cook them till the yolks and whites are firm and thoroughly cooked.



Reduce the consumption of coffee during pregnancy. Coffee packs high caffeine content which causes dehydration and low weight of your baby during birth. It also increases the risk of miscarriages and can cause health damages to your baby as it is a stimulant.

Do not consume any other drinks containing caffeine. Some other sources of caffeine are green tea, dark chocolate, energy drinks.



Alcohol consumption is highly unfavourable during pregnancy as it increases the risk of fatal diseases, like miscarriages, alcohol syndrome, and the low or partial development of the baby.

You should strictly restrict from the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy and till some months after it while breastfeeding.

Soft cheese and unpasteurized dairy


Soft cheese and unpasteurized milk are unsafe to eat during pregnancy. They may contain listeria, which can prove harmful to you during this delicate stage. Listeriosis is a disease caused to due listeria bacteria present in unpasteurised milk, mould ripened cheese and soft blue veined cheese can make the new born baby ill, and can be a reason for miscarriage.

If you want to drink milk boil it well before drinking. Avoid the consumption of unpasteurised dairy products and juice.

Unwashed vegetables


Vegetables are necessary in a healthy and balanced diet. They are a rich source of protein and vitamins. However, it is necessary to wash them well before cooking as it may be exposed to Toxoplasmosis and they may contaminate the soil in which they were grown.



According to studies, it was found that eating liver is unsafe during pregnancy, as the high amount of vitamin A that it packs is unsafe for the mother and the baby. It may cause birth effects, and chances of miscarriage. It is safer to minimize or give up the consumption of liver during pregnancy.

Artificial sweeteners


Artificial sweeteners contain methanol, phenylalanine Aspartame, and some wood alcohol contents. Aspartame can be toxic during pregnancy and can be unhealthy for your baby. The acids present in the artificial sweeteners may affect your immune system. It will be better if you give up the use of artificial sweeteners till you are pregnant.

Fruits you should avoid eating during pregnancy

Give up eating pineapple


It is better if you avoid or reduce the consumption of pineapple during pregnancy. This fruit contains high amounts of bromelain, which softens the cervix which can lead to early labour and delivery. This can result in a weak and underweight baby as it is delivered before time. So, stop from the consumption of pineapple if you are pregnant.



It was surveyed in some countries that papaya consumption has been a cause of early labour and miscarriages in some cases.



Health experts and doctors suggest the consumption of grapes during pregnancy. This is because of the pesticides sprayed on the grape vines in order to prevent them from being eaten by insects. The chemicals present in those pesticides can be toxic to the mother. If you want to include grapes in your diet, it is better if you consult your doctor about eating them.

Wash the fruits before eating


It is important to restrict from the consumption of unwashed fruits and vegetables. It may cause infection due to the presence of toxoplasmosis. Insecticides and other chemical sprayed on the fruits can also prove to be toxic for both the mother and the baby.

Pregnancy is a very delicate period, and needs a great care and attention. The above mentioned food items are dangerous for you to consume if you are pregnant. So, avoid their use and be a healthy mom of a healthy baby.

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