Safe Home Remedies for Abortion At Home Before 1 month

Although getting pregnant for the first time is the period of great joy and excitement for both the partners, but an unplanned pregnancy may not give the same level of excitement. It is very important for one to be ready for getting into this situation as bringing a child into the world is not even a great plan, but is also the biggest responsibility. However, there is a method called abortion that can get rid of this unwanted situation. People may recommend going to the doctors for abortion which are rather expensive and sometimes worthless.

To avoid this discomfort one should follow all sorts of home remedies that can probably give the safest result at home without any side effects. Moreover, you should know that safe home remedies for abortion that can help  in the initial stage because if you use these after three months it may lead to other problems and if at the last months like six-seven month it may lead to early labor which is neither healthy for the mother nor the newborn. Thus, along with all the herbs and dosage, one should also keep consulting the doctor and specialists.

Hot Shower

Another very simple remedy one can try at home apart from any product or herb to abort is to take hot water shower. However, you can also put other efforts like herbs along with this, but it has been said that taking the hot water shower is surely the safe way to abort and get the desired result quickly. The result can be quick if one have hot water poured direct on the belly as this is the best way to aggravate the vagina’s mucous membrane and spontaneously induce abortion.

Pineapple juice

This is one of the fruits that is used at the time of delivery to make the process fast and easy this is because the pineapple is supposed to contain the substances called bromelain, proteolytic enzyme and bromelain which has the feature of softening the uterine and causes contraction it often leads to miscarriage. Although these are the basic disadvantage of taking Pineapple juice at the stage of pregnancy, but moreover this can also affect the woman health. Thus, it is better to avoid the Pineapple or its juice at the time of pregnancy, but for abortion at home, this would prove to be one of the best application for safest result.

  • Take a fresh Pineapple and remove its skin properly.
  • Chop the pineapple and by adding a little water to it blend it into a smooth mixture.
  • Finally, consume the fresh pineapple juice or take a bowl of pineapple daily.

Sesame Seeds

It is believed from the olden days that a pregnant woman should not take sesame seeds when she is pregnant. However, for abortion, taking sesame seed is the best remedy one can perform at home. It is one of the seeds which are told to be a heat substance that is supposed to  produce heat in the pregnant woman abdomen and therefore, leads to spontaneous abortion. However, if you take this product in a moderate quantity you might do not reach the result. It is also told that if one take black sesame in the last week of pregnancy is good for easier and less painful childbirth, anyhow you have to take this in the early stage and also in an enough quantity to abort.

Direction 1.

  • Take handful of Sesame seeds and soak them in water overnight
  • Take this drink early in the morning in empty stomach.

Direction 2.

  • Fry the Sesame seeds and take a tsp of honey.
  • Consume the fried sesame with honey regularly every day.


The very common medicine that can be found in most of the houses just because the reason these tablets are used in the case to start the monthly cycle or at times of conception. Here, we are talking about the Aspirin tablets that often triggers miscarriage at times of early pregnancy. The dose of aspirin in the dire situation may not harm, but if it has been taken on a regular basis it can lead to abortion. The aspirin is the class of drug that in pregnant woman induced hypertension or the antiphospholipid syndrome, which causes blood to clot in the mother and this leads to blockage of blood circulation between the mother and the fetus. Thus, for the good result of abortion at home one can try aspirin tablets on a regular basis.

  • Take 4- 10 aspirin tablets along with a cup of water anytime for the successful abort.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is the herb that is commonly used by American natives to cure stomach cramps to sleep disturbances. However, during the early pregnancy, this herb cannot be helpful for any sort of problems and the exact dosage of Cohosh during this stage is very important. It is always told to recommend the doctor for any dose during pregnancy. However, for abortion at home, this is the best herb one should try as it makes the uterus ready for action. The Black cohosh after dosage may lead to many types of unpleasant problems like nausea, faint, diarrhea which is temporary, but if this herb is taken in the proper dosage after consulting to a herbalist it will speed up the chance of miscarriage in a pregnant woman in an early stage. It is also told that if the herb is taken after a good time then it may lead to early labor too.

  • Make the concoction of herb.
  • Mix it with the solution like water or even honey can be used.
  • Take it each day in the consulted quantity by the herbalist.


Consumption of high amount of Parsley at the very early stage of pregnancy is supposed to induce abortion. It has been consulted from doctors and even the researchers believe that Parsley is the main regulator of the monthly cycles in women’s. It is usually recommended to take Parsley at the time of early stages of pregnancy if one has a need to abort. The leaves of the Parsley initiate the contraction and relaxing of the uterus the result of which one speed up the bleeding and abort.

Direction 1.

  • Chop the handful of Parsley after washing it with clean water.
  • Blend this in the blender to make a fine and smooth juice.
  • Take this juice in a cup about 3 times in a day.

Direction 2.

  • In case the Parsley is dry, take one tsp of this herb.
  • Add this to a cup of hot water and cover it for 7-10 minutes and let it steep.
  • Now, strain this in a cup to drink.
  • Take the Parsley herb tea for 2 times a day.

Physical Intimation

This is told to be one of the effective home remedies of abortion at the early stage basically during the first month and initially two-three months to have an effective and safe abortion. Having intimacy during the early time can lead to having an orgasm for too many times which can probably hurt the new cell or the fetus and thus can have a safe abortion.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is proved to be very dangerous for all the pregnant women, but if you want to abort then this is the very safest attempt to consume Vitamin C in a good quantity. The main reason behind the Vitamin C leading to miscarriage is the Ascorbic acid that is mostly found in the fruits and vegetables basically rich in Vitamin C. if the Vitamin C is consumed by pregnant women in high dosage can create a hormonal balance in the body and, therefore, leads to miscarriage. The reason behind this is the production of estrogen and progesterone where the one has the function to facilitate menstruation and the other has the requirement of the eggs in the uterus wall.

Thus, consumption of Vitamin C in huge quantity during the early stage of pregnancy for aborting is the very safe and successful attempt. The most dangerous vegetable the drumstick is also the miscarriage element in the early pregnancy. This food is also rich in Vitamin C and contains alpha-sitosterol, with an estrogen-like substance that smoothes the muscles of uterine and leads to miscarriage.

Angelica Sinensis

Angelica Sinensis or the dong quai which is furthermore pronounced in different tones by people of different countries. It is the emmenagogue herb which after consumption can lead to active contraction and relaxing of the uterus at the time of pregnancy. It can speed up the bleeding and is proved to be another strong remedy to abort safely at home.

  • Take one tsp powder of Angelica Sinensis.
  • Add this powder to a cup of warm water.
  • Mix it to drink.
  • Take this 2-3 times a day.

Banana Leaves and Acacia Pods

Another effective remedy for abortion at home can be taking the dosage of Acacia Pods and Banana leaves together in the directed way.

  • First, take shoots of banana leaf and unripe acacia pods in the same quantities and mix them.
  • Dry these under shade.
  • Now, make a fine powder of the dried mixture, by adding an equal amount of sugar to it.
  • Every day add six grams of this powder in a glass of water and drin

Dried Chamomile

Chamomile is very good herb to improve digestion, sleeping disorders and relieve stomach cramps, but is proved a bad drink for the pregnant women. However, if one has the need to abort then this remedy is good to try at home for fast abortion at the early stage of pregnancy. However, if taken half a cup for refreshment this will not cause any dangerous problem unless taken in enough quantity that is probably one after the other. This herb basically causes too much of contraction in the uterus which simply means that it contract 4 times in an hour and thus leads to successful abortion at home.

  • Add dried Chamomile in a cup and then pour hot water on it.
  • Let the liquid steep for 3 minutes and then strain it to drink.
  • You can take 3-4 cups of this in a day after a good interval of time.


There are so many names given to this plant biologically as well as in common. Although the most common names for the pennyroyal is the mosquito plant. However, you should also know about this herb which is also one of the best remedies to practice at home to produce contraction in the uterus and relax it to get abort quickly. But for those who all are suffering from the urinary disorders should stay away of this herb as it may increase the problem.

  • Take 30-40 drops of pennyroyal tea or oil.
  • You can also intake about 3-5 pills of this herb.

I hope, our article helped you in some way to get out of the unwanted situation!

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